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by  |  February 5, 2011  |  3 Comments

I love my country.  I love its diversity, its expansiveness, and I love its distinctive culture. Through writing this website over the last four and a half years, I’ve come to know a great number of musicians who are inspired by Canada, and in turn inspire me to write about them. Quick Before It Melts has also introduced me to a strong and supportive network of like-minded bloggers and music lovers, and though I’ve never met them face-to-face, I consider many of them to be good friends.

Earlier this week, CBC Radio 3 launched their new Searchlight poll looking for the best Canadian music websites in Canada, and I was humbled to be included among an impressive list of nominees.  The sheer number of great sites on the list–including fellow bloggers Herohill.com, i(heart)music.net, Ca Va Cool, The Singing Lamb, and Chromewaves–is evidence enough of the wealth of love and support for Canadian music out there. Searchlight is a yearly contest from CBC Radio 3 that seeks out the best of what Canada has to offer musically. Through thousands of fan votes, CBC Radio 3 has so far declared the Best Independent Record Store in Canada (Meow Records, Prince George BC, 2008), the Best Live Venue in Canada (the Phog Lounge, Windsor ON, 2009), and most recently, the Best Music Festival in Canada (Evolve, in Antigonish, NS, 20  10)

You can vote for your favourite Canadian music website (this on or otherwise) by going to the CBC Radio 3 Searchlight page and placing your vote.  You don’t need to have a log-in for the Radio 3 website to vote, but you’ll be limited to one vote every 24 hours.  The winner will be announced on March 10, so keep voting for your favourite to make sure it makes the cut as this long list gets whittled down to a short one. To all friends of QBiM, thanks for all the love and support.

Vote: CBC Radio 3 Searchlight: Best Canadian Music Website
MP3: Jason Collett “Love Song for Canada”

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  1. thevandalstookmyhandle says:

    Congrats on being included! Very much deserved.

  2. J. Di Gioia says:

    Thanks very much!

  3. My congratulations, pal. You really rocks!! It’s your vistory

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