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The year without a summer

by  |  March 4, 2009

(photo: Faceboook)

(photo: Faceboook)

I think one of the most memorable, and utterly baffling posts I’ve ever written was the one from May 23, 2007 about Coltrane Motion called “They can’t mic the deep end”.  So wild and wonderful was the post, that now a couple years later, the guys from Coltrane Motion still remember it and have sent me some info about their new single and upcoming tour.

I wish I had it in me to continue the story line started in that post, but I think it would just end up sounding a bit too pretentious and forced.  Better I should let the music and the band speak for themselves.  Coltrane Motions new single is called “The Year Without A Summer b/w Maya Blue” and will be available as a limited edition coloured vinyl 7″ from Datawaslost, as well as a short-run CD from 75orLess with some bonus remixes thrown into boot.  What I love about Coltrane Motion is the ease with which they bend and shape their unique sound around some standard rock instrumentation.  They remind me of Stereolab in some ways, minus the sexy French female singer, and with a bit more bollocks thrown into the mix.

Below are the dates for the upcoming tour:

Thur. Mar. 05 @ The Whistler – Chicago, IL
Fri. Mar 06 @ The Pour Haus – Louisville, KY
Sat. Mar. 07 @ The Crystal Castle – Athens, OH
Sun. Mar. 08 @ B-Side Liquor Lounge – Cleveland, OH
Mon. Mar. 09 @ Galaxy Hut – Arlington, VA
Tue. Mar. 10 @ The Fire – Philadelphia, PA
Wed. Mar. 11 @ Public Assembly – Brooklyn, NY
Thu. Mar. 12 @ Club Cafe – Pittsburgh, PA
Fri. Mar. 13 @ The Trolley Stop – Dayton, OH
Sat. Mar. 14 @ Northside Tavern – Cincinnati, OH
Sun. Mar. 15 @ Mike ‘N Molly’s – Champaign, IL
Sat. Mar. 21 @ Hexagon Bar – Minneapolis, MN

MP3: Coltrane Motion “The Year Without A Summer”
Facebook: Coltrane Motion
Myspace: Coltrane Motion
Buy: Coltrane Motion “The Year Without A Summer b/w Maya Blue”


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