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Stirring bones

by  |  November 3, 2011

(photo: Kat Taylor-Small)

What do you get when you mix members of Do Make Say Think, Broken Social Scene, The Happiness Project, Bry Webb Band, Ensemble, Flowers Of Hell, Ohbijou, and Sun Parlour Players together in one band?  An amazing collaboration that deserves your immediate attention is what.

Del Bel, the above mentioned collective, is primed and pumped to bring their release Oneiric, their debut LP, to the masses with a release tour starting nest Friday, November 11.  No surprise that the band has spent part of this past year scoring two indie films; their sound is cinematic, with dramatic touches of moody pop and soul.

Oneiric has an official release date of November 11, but you may be able to grab yourself a digital copy by heading over to their Bandcamp page right now.  Physical copies are coming soon courtesy of Guelph’s Out of Sound Records.

stirring bones by del bel

beltone by del bel

Facebook: Del Bel
Twitter: Del Bel


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