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Songs: 2103 Part 5

by  |  December 21, 2013  |  1 Comment

volume 5So that’s that for another year, then?

It’s been a wild 2013, as some of these songs will attest, and here’s to a healthy, happy 2014 to you and yours, filled with all kinds of good things for your ears, your eyes, your heart and mind.

I’m taking a little break.  Now don’t get your knickers in a knot–I’m not putting this blog out to pasture… yet.  But I am taking some time out from being out front and posting daily to do some tinkering behind the scenes, put somethings in place for the blog for the new year, and stuff my face full of home cooking.  And watch Scandal on Netflix.

Thanks to everyone who downloaded these mixes of my favourite songs of the year.  I hope some of yours were among them, and I hope you found some new ones to enjoy, too.  If you’re feeling really old school and were looking forward to getting the 75 songs as individual tracks, hit me up via Facebook, Twitter, or email, and I’ll see what I can do for you.

So without further ado, right-click, save and enjoy!

Songs: 2013 Volume 5

“Everyone Is Noah, Everyone Is The Ark” MOONFACE • “In Kind” BRAIDS • “In Two II” BLUE HAWAII • “Almost Everything” HAYDEN • “Middle Child” DANIEL ROMANO • “Sisters (ft. Northern Voice)” A TRIBE CALLED RED • “One” YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN • “First Letter” THE WEATHER STATION WITH MARINE DREAMS • “The Ostrich” LAKE NAMES • “Keep Moving” JESSY LANZA • “Motherfuckers” MURRAY A. LIGHTBURN • “Tall Tall Shadow” BASIA BULAT • “Two Hundred Grand” SUNSHINE • “Last Of His Kind” LIGHT FIRES • “Pretty Boy” YOUNG GALAXY


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