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Last week I unveiled my annual year-end favourite albums post, just as many other blogger and journalists do at the time of year.  I spend a great deal of time each week listening to records, and typically end up writing one to two reviews a week that get posted here, so a wrap up post about full albums makes sense.  When it comes to songs, though, things get a bit more complicated.

For the most part, each and every time I write a post on Quick Before It Melts, it ends with a link to a song by the artist being discussed that day.  In a year’s worth of posts, that amounts to a heck of a lot of songs to distill into a neat, little list of my favourites.  And honestly, I don’t want to write anymore lists, or write a sentence or two to justify why I like a particular song, let alone why I like 75 songs.

So, no list, no ranking, and no justification other than to say that the following 75 songs, divided up over 5 discs, amounting to 5:25 hours of music amount to what has essentially been my 2011 soundtrack.  Click on the title of each one to download.  I hope you find something here to enjoy yourself, and if the mood strikes you, please feel free to pass this on to others.

Regular posts will start again after the holiday weekend, so here’s wishing you and yours all the best!



Rich Aucoin “It” • Elk “Shaking Hands” • Jenn Grant ” Getcha Good” • Hooded Fang “ESP” • Dan Mangan “Oh Fortune” • Bry Webb “Undertaker” • Braids “Lammicken” • The Luyas “Tiny Head” • Adam and the Amethysts “Prophecy” • Chad VanGaalen “Sara” • Cold Specks “Holland” • Cuff The Duke “Count On Me” • Said The Whale “Lines” • Elliott BROOD “Northern Air” • Destroyer “Kaputt”


Little Scream “Cannons” • Apollo Ghosts “Money Has No Heart” • Spoons “Breaking In” • Joel Plaskett “On the Rail” • The Barr Brothers “Beggar in the Morning” • Howler “Jack-O-Lantern” • One Hundred Dollars “Waiting On Another” • The Rest “Always On My Mind” • Feist “How Come You Never Go There” • Fucked Up “Queen of Hearts” • The Pack a.d. “Sirens” • Ohbijou “Niagara” • Timber Timbre “Bad Ritual” • The Mountains and the Trees “Carry On” • Talk In Blue “Masse”


Powers “Sleeping Patterns” • The Rural Alberta Advantage “Stamp” • Bronx Cheerleader “Get Out Your Guns” • The Deep Dark Woods “West Side Street” • Hey Rosetta! “Yer Spring” • Penny Blacks “Splinter Kiss” • Galaxie “Piste 1” • Grey Kingdom “Oh Bijou and the Rainwater” • Kalle Mattson “Thick As Thieves” • Imaginary Cities “Hummingbird” • D-Sisive (feat. Adam Bomb, cuts by Lil Jaz) “#1 Record” • Writer’s Strike “Stay Down” • Graham Wright “Soviet Race” • The Weather Station “Everything I Saw” • The Details “Weightless in the Dark”


Spring Breakup “It’s Not Me, It’s You” • Library Voices “Generation Handclap” • Mike Angus “Be There (You Won’t)” • The Weeknd “Lonely Star”  • Kaptur “Millionaire Counting Machine” • Daniel Romano “I Won’t Let It” • Young Galaxy “Cover Your Tracks” • Honheehonhee “A. Is For Animal” • Kestrels “Throw Aggi Off The Bridge” • Little Girls “White Night” • Bruce Peninsula “Into Your Light” • Sandro Perri “Changes” • Old World Vulture “Trophy Lovers” • Cœur de pirate “Wicked Games” • Colin Stetson “Judges”


Sloan “Unkind” • Handsome Furs “Repatriated” • Moonface “Fast Peter” • Northern Primitive “Soul Machines” • Miracle Fortress “Raw Spectacle” • The Express “Midnight Show” • Marine Dreams “We’ll Get Her Back In Your Arms” • City and Colour “Fragile Bird” • Austra “The Beat and the Pulse” • The Darcys “Shaking Down the Old Bones”  Kathryn Calder “Who Are You?” • Shotgun Jimmie “Late Last Year” • Digits “Because It’s Wrong” •  Cowboy Junkies “Flirted With You All My Life” • The Dears “Thrones”


  1. 1234 says:

    Back in 2007 you made a “summer burn out mix” which I still play to this day. You guys should make another one.

  2. J. Di Gioia says:

    Wow. That’s a blast from the past I wasn’t anticipating. I’m blown away that you’re still digging that mix. If I do say so myself, it was a pretty great mix, and one that I listened to a lot back then. Haven’t played it in awhile, but your comment has inspired me to go back and give it a spin tonight. Here’s the link to the original post – http://www.quickbeforeitmelts.com/2007/08/hear-the-burn/ – and if anyone is interested in hearing what QBiM was digging back in 2007 (which includes two artists who appeared on our 2011 year-end favourites list, oddly enough), you can grab the Summer Burn Out Mix here -> http://www.mediafire.com/?54dv55dkc8cjof9

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