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RocknRoll guitar men

by  |  February 8, 2012

I am a sucker for a killer surf-pop tune, and The Re-Bops are promising to deliver a succulent selection of them on their forthcoming debut LP, Drag Race.  The St. Catahrines based band of Nic Waterman (Vocals, Guitar), Steve Morley (Drums) and Liam Cosby (Guitar) recently unleashed “RocknRoll Guitar Man” on the world and it’s an infectiously dirty ditty that’s sure to get under your skin in a good way.

Waterman was previously with Guelph’s The Emerald City, and Cosby and Morley worked together in The Gas Station Junkies, a local blues/punk band that played regularly in the St. Catharines area.  Together, the trio are set to make some serious waves (no pun intended) delivering their raw and intense tunes “like a switchblade to the ribs”.

Love, love, LOVE this song!  “RocknRoll Guitar Man” is available for free via Bandcamp, where you can also stream last year’s Stiletto Beach EP.

MP3: The Re-Bops “RocknRoll Guitar Man”
Facebook: The Re-Bops
Twitter: The Re-Bops


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