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Prophecy fulfilled

by  |  August 18, 2011

(photo: Frank Yang)

I’ve seen the name Adam & The Amethysts floating around out there, in and out of my inbox in various manners and forms: as contributors to Herohill’s excellent Gordon Lightfoot contribution, as remixers of Young Galaxy’s “We Have Everything”, and performers in their own right.  But it wasn’t until I heard their new single, “Prophecy”, from their forthcoming second LP Flickering Flashlight that I really sat up and took notice of this Montreal-based band.

And I use the term band in the loosest sense possible.  Although the name implies that Adam Waito is joined others, almost all of the instruments on Flickering Flashlight were played by Waito himself.  Rebecca Lessard (who joins Waito in Adam & the Amethysts live incarnation) provides cello and vocal harmonies, while pals Nathan Ward (Miracle Fortress drummer) and Jordan Robson Cramer (drums for Sunset Rubdown, and also part of the Amethysts’ live crew) helped flesh out the songs.

Friends in our nation’s capital can catch Adam & The Amethysts tonight at Raw Sugar, with Owl Loris.  They’ll be in Toronto on August 25 at Tranzac, and have a pair of shows in Montreal on September 22 and 23 at O Patro Vys and Prism Tower, respectively.  Flickering Flashlight is scheduled for release October 4 on Ottawa’s Kelp Records.

ADAM & THE AMETHYSTS – Prophecy by kelprecords

Facebook: Adam & The Amethysts
Twitter: Adam & The Amethysts


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