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NEW MUSiC: Kele “Tenderoni”

by  |  April 30, 2010

(source: Myspace.com/iamkele)

They were supposed to be on a break.

That’s what Bloc Party said was happening after five consecutive years of touring and recording, but apparently frontman Kele Okereke reneged on his vow to walk away from music for a year.  Dropping his surname, Kele is set to release his solo debut album, The Boxer on June 22 (via Glassnote Records).  The album is produced by  XXXchange (who’s worked with Spank Rock, The Kills) and sees Kele move further into the electronic/dance realm that recent Bloc Party albums have hinted at.

Zane Lowe debuted the lead single, “Tenderoni” on his BBC Radio 1 show Wednesday night, and just after that, I found it available via SoundCloud’s embedded player, marking the first QBiM post to use SoundCloud as a music delivery service (tell me what you think of the player, and let me know if there are glitches with it if you read QBiM via feed).  I don’t have a strong opinion one way or the other about “Tenderoni” yet, but I wouldn’t exactly say I’m sitting on the fence about it.  It’s a decent track, and I’m suspecting that much like some of Bloc Party’s more recent work, with repeated listens I’ll like it more and more, but time will have to tell.  For now I’m drooling over those beautiful biceps, digging the groove, and waiting to hear more.

Tenderoni by keleokereke

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