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New inheritors, part 1

by  |  December 28, 2011

Our friends from Hand Drawn Dracula continue their takeover of Quick Before It Melts today. Wintersleep bandmates Paul Murphy (who, along with brother Michael, makes records as Postdata) and Loel Campbell (who’s also a member of Contrived and Treasure Hunt) team up to bring us the highlights of their 2011 in an unprecedented QBiM two-part post.

Moon FaceOrgan Music and Not The Vibraphone Like I’d Hoped
Pretty melodies ebbing and flowing in an immense, pulsey, organ-y underwater hum… creating something quite unique and intimate and lyrically vivid… kinda poppy in some weird way too, despite how stream of consciousness it all seems. What I find the most interesting about the record is that it seems to be a sort of meditation on the process of songwriting as much as it is “about” anything specifically, with the organ playing the role as muse, as well as the medium through which Spencer Krug expresses himself. A daring record and a record that works in equal parts for its meditative quality, its intimate and quite subdued nature, its lyrical density, melody, and for all its experimental aspirations/intentions. That’s a long sentence. I don’t even think I understand it. Anyway, I like this. Can’t wait to hear more.

Holy FuckLatin
This record seems to channel something a bit more fragile and soft and intimate and restrained from their last effort… while still retaining and achieving the… “bang” they are known and loved for…. in key spots. More calculated overall I guess than their last record, in the best possible way. Definitely a different beast, and a really quite ambitious and beautiful one. “Stay Lit” is the jam of the year.

Brian BorcherdtTorches
Grew up listening to Brian’s music, and it still does it for me. He’s never let me down musically. Personally, big let down: He steals beers [and jokes] from me all the time. Snags left over pocket change at every chance. Blows in my ear when I’m driving. Toothpastes me. Smokes in my bedroom when I leave the house [what’s he doing in my house?]. Calls my mom at weird times, pretending he’s someone from Austria that I met on tour, and even when she tells him that she knows its him, he still won’t break character. Then if I call him on it after that he just pretends nothing happened, all shy-like. I recorded his response on a mini-disc player the last time it was brought up: “What? Ohhh, mahhnnnn. That’s… crazy? Austria? WOW!! Pretty big country. Who knows who that could have been? I guess… we’ll never know. Anyway…” [looks around awkwardly, suspect-ly squinting] “You hungry?” And yes, he speaks to me in questions like that [also annoying]. That said, can’t help but love him. Check this record out! Simple folky, pop songs, thoughtfully and skillfully made, darkness lurking in the hazy semi-distance.

Brian EnoDrums Between the Bells
And out of nowhere… Brian Eno!! This is really great… I just bought this on a whim because of the track titles and because he is Brian Eno, and I haven’t heard from him recently, or kept up with him. I’m lazy. Trying to get better. I’m still trying to process it. But yeah, really pretty sounds and a neat production… Kinda surprising coming from such a rookie. “Fierce Aisles of Light”!!

Land of Talk Cloak and Cipher
Shoot… “Quarry Hymns” is actually another top of my list for best songs this year… Definitely one of my favorite projects operating in and outta Canada these days. A bit more of a visceral, dissonant sort of affair this time around, venturing into almost noise-y sonic territory at some points, which adds a nice counterpoint to what I think I love most about Land of Talk, which is the really great, confident, carefully and plotted, thoughtfully worded pop rock gems. It’s really hard to do what she does and yeah, always sounds/seems so effortless. So much soul.

– Paul Murphy

Postdata is on tour early in 2012: January 31 at The Grad Club in Kingston, ON; February 1 at Mavericks in Ottawa, ON; February 2 at Salle Andre-Mathieu in Laval, QC (with Cœur de pirate); February 4 as part of the Shivering Songs Festival at Wilmot United Church in Fredericton, NB (with Mark Kozelek); February 5 at The Carleton in Halifax, NS.  The vinyl edition of their self-titled LP is available now from Hand Drawn Dracula.

MP3: Moonface “Fast Peter”
MP3: Postdata “Tobias Grey”


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