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by  |  October 7, 2008

It has Sergeant Pepper-esque cover art, Marc Bolan-like swagger on opening cut “Bag It Up”, and a flood of press and curiosity rolling with it all the way to the record shops. It can only be Oasis, then, back for another round of (working at) being the best band in the world. Yes, Dig Out Your Soul is in the shops today. The Gallagher boys are older, (somewhat) wiser, and definitely settling into their elder statesmen role: Oasis Mk. 7 hasn’t gone and changed things that much from their modus operundi, though, upon initial listening of the album (streaming on their Myspace page all this week), there’s some interesting things going on that should make even the casual listener prick up their ears a bit. “The Turning” has an interesting Paul Weller piano groove going on in it’s opening moments, before kicking into a full-out rock chorus, led by Liam Gallagher’s trademark vocals. “Waiting For The Rapture” is big brother Noel’s first vocal outing of the album; it’s soaked in a thick, syrupy guitar riff, full of passion. Lead single “The Shock Of Lighting” as been described as a Definitely Maybe styled rocker, and I tend to agree. It has a similarity to “Rock ‘N’ Roll Star” which might indicate that Oasis have now begun to ape their own back catalogue along with the Parthenon of great rock records.

While many would argue that the band’s glory days are well behind them, evidence on Dig Out Your Soul suggests that they still have that rock n roll spirit that made them such a going concern back in the 90s. When you take it at face value, Dig Out Your Soul is a pretty decent rock album that lesser bands would give their right testicles to have made. And that’s no bollocks.

Stream/Myspace: Oasis Dig Out Your Soul

It should be noted here that just a few ago while on stage in Toronto, Noel Gallagher was attacked by some idiot in the middle of “Morning Glory”. Reports from Oasis’s web site say that he sustained some pretty serious injuries: three broken and dislodged ribs. They’ve had to cancel a series of shows while Noel recuperates. Thanks to Frank at Chromewaves for pointing us to these pics of the incident. Here’s hoping he has a speedy recovery.


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