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by  |  October 25, 2010

It was recorded in Falcon Lake over six days in the winter of 2010, and after just hearing “Wild Folk”, you can certainly feel the influence of a crisp Canadian winter on The Falcon Lake Incident. Jim Bryson is one of Canada’s most engaging and underrated voices, and putting him together with The Weakerthans creates an inspired and truly unique Canadian  pairing.

I think this collection of songs is as much about place and time as it is about the partnership and collaboration between these two artists.  When great songwriters and musicians get together to do what they love doing, you’re sure to end up with a product that’s honest and a joy to listen to (kind of like Neil Young and Daniel Lanois’ work together).

The Falcon Lake Incident was released on October 19 by MapleMusic, and is available wherever you like to spend money on good music.

MP3: Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans “Wild Folk”
Myspace: Jim Bryson
Facebook: Jim Bryson
Twitter: Jim Bryson
Myspace: The Weakerthans
Facebook: The Weakerthans

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