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Dear 2013…

by  |  January 1, 2013

So the world didn’t end a few weeks back, and now you’re here, 2013, a year that comes with the bad luck baggage associated with your last two digits.  I’ll admit I’m hesitant to welcome you with open arms, but I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.  Considering I had a spot of bad luck at the end of 2012, what with my entire digital music library getting meta-tagged messed up, the only way now is up, as I see it.  I’m at “Springsteen” now, and imagine that I’ll have the rest of the library that’s still dirty cleaned up by the time you read this on January 1, so a  sense of order and calm should be returning soon.

I also hope that calm and order return to this here blog, too.  There’s been some changes happening in the back end, stuff that folks who visit QBiM can’t see, but I know is there.  I don’t care for it, frankly, and I find myself less motivated on some days to struggle with making these posts pretty and easy to read and navigate through.  Anything you can do about that, ’13?

I got to say, 2013, that your predecessor was a particularly trying and taxing year for me, personally.  Lots of crap in the health department that got in the way of living and enjoying life, so whatever you can do to lessen that specific burden will be greatly appreciated.

Having said that, there’s still an awful lot from 2012 that was cool and made my world a little better:

I’m sure there’s more, and more that doesn’t make me sound like a consumerist pig, but that’s enough to say that the whole of 2012 wasn’t a big write off completely. Anyway, onward and upward, right?  I’m looking forward to what you have to bring to the party, 2013.  It better be more than chips and dip (but if it is, make sure it’s gluten-free, okay?)







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