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Dark Night of the Soul

by  |  June 8, 2009  |  7 Comments

(photo: nrp.org)

(photo: nrp.org)

There is a fine line between brilliant and baffling, and Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse, and David Lynch appear to be doing the tango all along said line to dazzling effect.  Dark Night of the Soul is the ambitious project that sees producer Danger Mouse (Brian Joseph Burton to his mother) pair up with Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse and an army of guest musicians The Flaming Lips, Gruff Rhys, Jason Lytle, Julian Casablancas, Black Francis, Iggy Pop, David Lynch, James Mercer, Nina Persson, Suzanne Vega and Vic Chestnutt.  Lynch, director of such classic cult films as Blue Velvet, Wild At Heart, and Mulholland Dr., provides the visuals–a series of photographs to accompany the music.  You may be saying to yourself, “Wow that sounds fantastic, where can I get this awesome CD and photo collection?” just as I did.  Well, a quick visit to the official project website will explain what’s going on surrounding this release:

“Danger Mouse’s new project Dark Night of the Soul consists of an album length piece of music by Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse and a host of guest vocalists, along with a collection of original David Lynch photography inspired by and based on the music.

The photographs, which provide a visual narrative for the music, are compiled in a limited edition, hand numbered 100+ page book which will now come with a blank, recordable CD-R. All copies will be clearly labeled: ‘For Legal Reasons, enclosed CD-R contains no music. Use it as you will.’

Due to an ongoing dispute with EMI, Danger Mouse is unable to release the recorded music for Dark Night of the Soul without fear of being sued by EMI.

Danger Mouse remains hugely proud of Dark Night of the Soul and hopes that people lucky enough to hear the music, by whatever means, are as excited by it as he is.”

You can buy the book of photos and blank CD-R by going to the official website for the project here, and you can hear the music via a full album stream on NPR, or through a few carefully worded online searches, you could probably put the CD-R to good use.

MP3: Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse (featuring Wayne Coyne) “Revenge”

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  2. Hanan says:

    tis a fantastic album, and I posted a link for a download of the album here: http://musicinducedeuphoria.blogspot.com/2009/05/dark-was-night-has-been-nixed.html

  3. Great site man. Just got linked here from PMA.
    Keep up the good work!
    p.s. I’m Jim too ^,^

  4. Jim says:

    Thanks, Jim! And thanks to PMA for the blog love this morning! Welcome everyone from Pretty Much Amazing!

  5. Jim says:

    Such a shame so much shit is surrounding it. Thanks for posting the link.

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  7. jetjaguar says:

    Thanks Hanan!!! I’ve been waiting for this to drop for awhile now. cheers!

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