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(photo: Myspace)

(photo: Myspace)

The Whip play some dirty electro-dance music that makes your skin tingle, your senses flare, and your libido do a quick little jig as it kick-starts your, um, “drive shaft”.  No surprise then that the band found its legs rehearsing and jamming in a seedy basement under a Salford pub.  I won;t go so far as to calling it “thinking peoples dance music” but there’s clearly a sense of purpose and message to the music.  Lyrics hint at the tireless search for ultimate freedom–forgetting the crap that the world throws at you daily and finding the place where inhibitions are let loose, worries and parked in the back of your mind, and the biggest problem you face it whether to dance hard or dance harder.  The urban, industrial claustrophobia of the music mirrors its Manchester birthplace and is resplendent in it’s intensity and go-for-broke vibe.  Their album, X Marks Destination is out Tuesday.

MP3: The Whip “Trash”
MP3: The Whip vs. Britney Spears “Trash Circus (Ruben X Transmission)”
Myspace: The Whip
Buy: The Whip X Marks Destination

Although I’ve been aware of its existence for awhile now, I’ve never really been all that keen on checking out A Camp, the side project of Cardigans frontwoman Nina Persson.  She paired up with Niclas Frisk (Atomic Swing) and her husband, Shudder To Think member Nathan Larson to make some lush, orchestrated pop music a few years back and now teh band is releasing their sophomore album, Colonia in April.  There’s a bunch of guest stars on it, too many to name, really, and if this sample is anything to go by, I might just have to check this album out.  I wish I could tell you what “from the Harlem Sessions” is in reference to, but alas, dear readers, my head is filling with fluid faster than a water-retaining menopausal woman, and I just don’t have it in me to do too much investigation today.

MP3: A Camp “Stronger Than Jesus” (from the Harlem Sessions)
Myspace: A Camp

In Miniature is a band from Chicago that likes QBiM.  They have pretty great taste, don’t they?  The also have a delectable indie-pop sound.    Give them some love.

Myspace: In Miniature

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  1. Jason says:

    The Harlem Session refers to their recording these songs in Harlem, New York.

  2. Jim says:

    I figured it had to be something simple like that. Thanks, Jason!

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