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An evening hymn

by  |  July 17, 2009

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It comes as no great surprise to me that over the course of this week, not one but two (and maybe more) of my fellow Canuck bloggers have posted on Toronto’s The Wooden Sky.  While Frank and Bryan may feel some remorse for not having blogged about them any earlier, my conscience is completely clear as I couldn’t possibly blog about a band I didn’t really know existed.

What I should feel shame about is that I’ve been so ignorant of the band all this time.  Calling to mind Wilco and The National, The Wooden Sky’s new album, If I Don’t Come Home You’ll Know I’m Gone, is an eloquent and beautifully executed roots rock/country pop (choose your descriptive preference) collection that has really put me under its spell.  The record imbues confidence and clarity, and the band sounds tight and polished.  Songs like the plaintive and gorgeous “Oslo” and “The Late King Henry” sound so familiar and yet so very fresh all at once.  It’s a hallmark of the whole album, in that it feels as comfortable and familiar as a favorite sweater, yet it’s unique charm reveals something new every time you listen to it.  It’s an album that firmly rooted in tradition, but doesn’t adhere to any rules about what a folk, roots, or country album should be.  It’s early (Very early) to even be talking about Polaris Music Prize 2010, but I won’t be surprised if The  Wooden Sky figure prominently in those discussions.

The band is embarking on a month-long Cross-Canada tour, kicking things off with a show in Guelph, ON at Spencer’s Backyard.  Full tour dates can be found here.  If I Don’t Come Home You’ll Know I’m Gone can be found in your local record shops starting August 25, or at the usual online outlets.

MP3: The Wooden Sky “Something Hiding For Us In The Night”
Facebook: The Wooden Sky
Twitter: The Wooden Sky


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