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by  |  May 25, 2011

Nathan Rekker (formerly of The Carnations) has some cool friends he can call on to help him out when there’s an itch he needs to scratch: Michael Small of Meligrove Band, and Shayne Cox from Polmo Polpo, and Pete Carmichael of The Diableros, all came on board to be a part of SPORTS, the band.  Their fuzzy, droned out pop melodies owe a heavy debt to bands like Pavement and Nirvana, but Rekker’s songwriting talent ensures that SPORTS stands out on their own right.  There’s a playfulness to their heavy sound that you don’t find with some bands.  The louder and heavier they get, the more serious they become.  SPORTS is no gag band, that’s for sure; they’re playfulness comes out in their pop-leaning sensibilities, making Sports (the album) a well-balanced calling card for the band.

They’ll be launching their debut LP with a free show at Toronto’s Horseshoe Tavern on Tuesday June 7 at 11pm.  You can download the LP from their Bandcamp page right now so that you’ll be able to sing and pogo along that night and show up all the other hipsters there.  You can all laugh at the fools who show up thinking they’re a Huey Lewis tribute band.

MP3: SPORTS “Slacking Scholar”
Facebook: SPORTS
Twitter: SPORTS


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