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by  |  January 7, 2011

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You know how the Book of Matthew starts with that infinitely long and arduous genealogy of Jesus Christ?  I bet we could sit down and write a similar lineage for Canadian bands and how interconnected they all are.  We could start trees for Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto and then graft the branches together, then cross-pollinate them with trees from the East Coast, Winnipeg and Saskatoon.  It would be awesome, right?  We could even call it The Book of Awesome, but I just Googled that title and it’s already been taken.

We needn’t go through all that trouble, though, as the Canadian Music Wiki already exists as a repository for anyone interested in documenting their local music scene, writing up their favourite band’s entry, or even following their favourite Canadian music blogs (cool, huh?).  Montreal band The Luyas would have a very sturdy perch on the branches of our Canadian musical family tree.  A trip over to CMW’s page for The Luyas showed that they’re a three piece band, but the band’s new U.S. label, Dead Oceans, indicates that they’re actually a four-piece:  Jessie Stein, Mathieu Charbonneau, Pietro Amatro and Stefan Schneider.  Being a member of the Wiki, I just had to log myself in and type in a bit of code to update that bit of info, and voila–it’s done!  Individually, the four members have been part of (or are still currently in) Miracle Fortress, Bell Orchestre, and Torngat; Pietro Amato was formally a horn player for Arcade Fire, too, so you can see how that Canadian music genealogy idea works with these guys.

Their second album, Too Beautiful To Work comes out on February 22 (on the aforementioned Dead Oceans label in the U.S. and on Idee Fixe in Canada), as the follow-up to their debut Faker Death (originally released in 2007  and then re-released the next year by Pome Records).  That info was missing from the Wiki, so I made sure to add it, too.  The Luyas sound is often described as “spacey experimental indie pop” very similar to Braids, another Montreal-based band who are releasing an album in 2011.  Though I’ve yet to hear the record as a whole, introductory single “Tiny Head” is moody and quirky enough to have put Too Beautiful To Work on my list of must-hear records for 2011.

MP3: The Luyas “Tiny Head”
Myspace: The Luyas
Facebook: The Luyas
Twitter: The Luyas


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