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YOU SAY PARTY >> “112” Video

April 18th, 2016  |  by  |  published in Streaming | Comments Off on YOU SAY PARTY >> “112” Video

YOU SAY PARTY >> “112” Video

  2016 has had its fair share of great Canadian musical moments already, but one of Quick Before It Melts’ favourites has been the return of You Say Party. Their self-titled fourth album, released earlier this year, is a remarkable, emotional, journey of re-discovery and self-discovery that no one in the band thought would be possible six years ago […]

YOU SAY PARTY >> You Say Party

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YOU SAY PARTY >> You Say Party

I would never have characterized You Say Party as a good-time band, but their dance-punk aesthetic and former go-for-broke celebratory moniker always had a sense of reckless abandon to it, packaged with an “anything can happen” vibe that was exciting and energizing. As You Say Party approaches the sixth anniversary of drummer Devon Clifford’s sudden […]

YOU SAY PARTY >> “Ignorance”

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YOU SAY PARTY >> “Ignorance”

The only way back from tragedy and sorrow is to keep moving forward. You’ll never return back from where you started, but each foot forward brings you closer to where you need to be. No one knows this better than You Say Party, who for the last four years have walked forward with one less […]


January 8th, 2015  |  by  |  published in Lists | 1 Comment »


photo: John Carey Every year-end comes with a perfunctory look back at the 12 months that were, but when the corner turned on 2015 a week ago, I set my sights firmly on the months to come and the new Canadian music they’ll be bringing. While nowhere near a definitive list, the 10 artists in Quick Before It […]


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A lot of record labels have a love affair with the sound of music, but none embrace all the senses as fully as Toronto’s Paper Bag Records does.  Coming of age in the midst of the digital music revolution, Paper Bag ensured music fans never lost out on the pleasures of physically owning music by offering beautiful, limited […]

NEW MUSiC: You Say Party Decennium EP

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NEW MUSiC: You Say Party  Decennium EP

Marking 10 years since they played their very first show in a small church basement out in Abbotsford, BC, You Say Party (nee You Say Party We Say Die!) released a commemorative digital EP yesterday title Decennium.  That first show, the band says, “…marked the beginning of something we never would have imagined would go so far, […]

Songs: 2013 Part 1

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Songs: 2013 Part 1

Did you think I would stop with Quick Before It Melts’ 10 favourite albums of 2103? Though there was much work and deliberation in making that list (as there is every year), the task of making a similar list of favourite songs of the year would probably make my head explode. In 2012 and 2011, I […]

MiXTAPE: July 2013

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‘Sup, friends of QBiM? Could Summer ’13 be the best you’ve ever had? Possibly. Could the Quick Before It Melts mixtape for July ’13 be the perfect soundtrack to your season of sun, sand, grilled sausages and Slip ‘N Slide? Most definitely. MP3: Quick Before It Melts July 2013 Mixtape 01. Amy Millan “Skinny Boy” […]

You’ve got a friend in me

January 18th, 2013  |  by  |  published in Singles | Leave A Comment »

I’m blogging with mixed emotions today, as news of You Say Party‘s return is greatly welcomed ’round QBiM HQ, but it comes with a reminder that their extended hiatus since 2009’s XXXX LP came after the sudden death of drummer Devon Clifford.  The band, now a four piece, came together for a reunion of sorts […]

With glowing hearts

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Quick Before it Melts presents… With Glowing Hearts 01. “Canada, Eh” – Stompin’ Tom Connors 02. “Destroyer” – Young Galaxy 03. “Battles On” – The Ghost Is Dancing 04. “Write it All Down For You” – Elliott BROOD 05.  “All Yr Songs” – Diamond Rings 06. “In/Out” – Vivek Shraya 07. “It’s All Over” The […]

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