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The QBIM ONE HUNDRED >> 100-81

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The QBIM ONE HUNDRED >> 100-81

The QBIM ONE HUNDRED: a (totally subjective and up-for-debate) definitive list of the 100 albums that made the decade and have defined Quick Before It Melts. #100-81

2016 New Music Preview

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2016 New Music Preview

2016 is barely a twinkle, but the year in Canadian music is already looking bright. We’re stilling waiting for Views From the 6 to drop, and for news about a Reflektor follow-up, but we’re just as eager to hear new music from the following eight artists as well. Absolutely Free Their space-age art rock debut album sat high atop […]

Songs: 2013 Part 3

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Songs: 2013 Part 3

A reader recently wrote in: “Jim,” she starts, “These compilations of your favourite songs of 2013, they’re fantastic.  I was wondering how you went about choosing these songs, and if there’s a particular theme for each collection, and what inspired you to create such an elaborate and wonderful gift to your loyal readers?” Thanks for […]

Albums: 2013

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40% of Quick Before It Melts’ Favourite Albums of 2013 list looks very similar to 2011’s list, which is a coincidence not lost on me as I compiled this year’s compendium of preferred personal records. While I am very fond of the four repeat honourees on this year’s list, it wasn’t a forgone conclusion that their new […]

Tegan and Sara // Heartthrob

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I’ve tried to stay objective and impartial in these weekly Polaris Prize short listed album recaps, but this week I happily wear my pop music lover’s heart on my sleeve and declare:  My name is Jim, and I am addicted to Tegan and Sara‘s album Heartthrob. I admit that I am powerless in the presence […]

Judge, jury, executioner

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On Tuesday next week, the 40 Polaris Music Prize nominated albums will be whittled down to a short list of 10 contenders.  Pundits from across the provinces are going to be weighing in on what should have been included, what shouldn’t, and what was missing from the long list that deserves the title of best […]

Shock to your system

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“I won’t treat you like your typical,” say the sisters Quinn on Heartthrob, the seventh studio album from Tegan and Sara, and they could be speaking of their fans, their songs, or themselves.  Having spent about half their lives writing, recording and playing music, the 32 year old siblings couldn’t be expected to still sound […]

“Sonic Vertigo”: Polaris Music Prize 2010

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It was a dizzying, magical night for Canadian music, but that’s what we’ve come to expect from the Polaris Music Prize.  The 2010 edition has to be the most ecclectic collection of artists yet in the award’s five year history.  There was something for everyone and every musical taste.  From Broken Social Scene‘s explosive opening […]

Les chemins de verité?

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Another year of debate, discussion, discourse and disagreement comes to an end tonight, as the fifth annual Polaris Music Prize is handed out at Toronto’s Masonic Temple.  The Besnard Lakes, Broken Social Scene, Caribou, Karkwa, Dan Mangan, Owen Pallett, Radio Radio, The Sadies, Shad or Tegan and Sara will walk away from the night’s festivities […]

Polaris ’10 Shortlist: Tegan and Sara Sainthood

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…And then there was one. Hard to believe that just 10 weeks ago I started this unofficial countdown to next Monday’s Polaris Music Prize Gala, but here we are at the last of the shortlisted albums, Tegan and Sara‘s Sainthood.  The Quinn sisters sixth album seems to have split the Polaris-watchers into two categories:  those […]

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