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by  |  November 9, 2012

With each passing new release, I become an even bigger fan of D-Sisive‘s work.  You’d never know it from a search of this blog for references to his name, but you’d get an inkling that he’s been on my radar for a while.  Still, there’s nothing in the sprinkling of references that unequivocally says that I’m a fan of his work.  Until now.

I am a D-Sisive fan.  Love the guy.

I could go on at length explaining away my appreciation for his music by mentioning culture, race, and the connections between people, but that’s boring.  And it would all be bullshit, too.   I tend to hold rap and hip-hop away from me at arm’s length more from fear of sounding like an idiot when talking about it or writing about it.  So if I can rationalize my enjoyment of it in a way that’s not “musically” based (i.e. references to beats and samples and style that make me sound like a neophyte), then I can come out as a fan without risking humiliation.  The reality, though, is that I risk no less humiliation whenever I open my trap about any number of topics, musical or otherwise.  I don’t need to be articulate in the history of Canadian rap and hip hop to dig what D-Sisive is doing.  I just need to let myself dig it.

And the reason why I dig is as much as I do is that, on tracks like “WhenWeDieWeDieTogether” (from his forthcoming Jonestown 3: The Dream Is Over LP) I hear my own story.  I hear the tenacious desire for acceptance for following a dream, the wonderment of being in love with music, the thundering clatter of many thoughts firing off at once.  I feel the incredible power of focus and drive, channeling all that chaos into an orderly and powerful piece of art.  In reading the press release for “WhenWeDieWeDieTogether”, it made me smile to find out that we have both been inspired by Rufus Wainwright’s music, and that it has played a pivotal role in both our lives, but it wasn’t surprising in hindsight.  D-Sisive and I just may have been separated at birth.

“WhenWeDieWeDieTogether”is available as a free Bandcamp download now; Jonestown 3: The Dream Is Over is scheduled for release on November 18, 2012.  Check out the LP’s countdown site for info on its inspiration and genesis.


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