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LiSTEN: The Hours “Steady Glazed Eyes”

by  |  March 13, 2014


You’re reading this today, but I am writing it yesterday, in the middle of a freaking snow storm that’s locked me in my house.  I’ve battened down the hatches (didn’t even know this place had hatches) and cranked up the volume on Winnipeg-based band The Hours‘ new single, “Steady Glazed Eyes”.  They say it’s “shimmering guitar pop for your winter blues and your summer fling,” so I couldn’t think of a better way to while away the hours than with The Hours wailing away in my headphones today.

In response to the Juno onslaught expected in the ‘Peg at the end of March, The Hours will be part of the OH NO! Festival from March 26 to 29th, playing a showcase at Underground Venue Under 333 Garry, on Saturday March 29th.  Details on The Hours gig and the whole festival are available at deafwish.com.



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