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GREYS >> “No Star”

by  |  March 2, 2016

a3430529602_10The only thing worse than a terrible tragedy like the shootings in Paris this past November, is the utter lack of compassion, understanding, and humanity that some people demonstrate in its aftermath. Hate and ignorance doesn’t die with a suicide attacker at the end of a siege like the one that took hold of Paris, it starts to multiply and spread, often in the most unexpected ways.

Greys‘ Shehzaad Jiwani saw it happening in real-time with the rest of the world, from multiple perspectives at once. There were violent attacks and racist vitriol directed at Muslim communities far removed from the European continent, let alone Paris. Some took it upon themselves to become spokespeople for victims, filling the silence caused by trauma with their own views and opinions. Many, like Jiwani himself, felt that discombobulated and without a voice, not being heard, not being understood, not being seen as an individual.

“Don’t shoot / I’m not the enemy,” Jiwani explains at the start of Greys’ “No Star”, a song borne from the aftermath of the Paris shootings. The stakes are high right from the drum driven first verse: “They want you to be scared of me, / I’m everybody’s strategy.” Tension mounts as Jiwani sings the first verse’s final line, “Where do I turn with no star in the sky?”, and breaks as his band mates provide an answer of sorts: you turn to music.  An authoritative guitar riff eventually gives way to “No Star”‘s cathartic, chaotic emotional stomp that grows and builds into a powerful wall of sound.

Are they trying to be heard over the din, or are they making a holy racket to block out all the noise that’s coming at them from every direction? The answer’s most likely both, and the result is a powerful political and personal statement, and the strongest song in Greys canon so far.

“No Star” is from Outer Heaven, scheduled for release on April 22 on Buzz Records.


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