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If I had three childhood friends who I still kept in touch with, and all three of us played a musical instrument, and we decided to form a band, I hope we’d be as cool as Topanga are.  With just a 7″ single and an mp3 download to their musical catalogue, these four faithful friends are generating more buzz than a swarm of bees inside an echo chamber–and gosh darn it!–they deserve it.

“Guilt Trip” is another blast from the garage that rattles the neighbourhood and sets off car alarms three blocks over.  It’ll melt the soles of your All-Stars to the pavement and cause the lenses in your black rimmed glasses to crack and fail from the heat.  You’ll smell burned flesh before realizing your ears are on fire.  You’ll turn to you buddy, whose nose has been caved in from the sonic wallop of  the guitars, and you’ll say, “These dudes are bitchin’,” before giving each other multiple high-fives in time to the relentless drums.

Topanga are currently in the studio recording their debut full-length album, but continue to bring their exuberant live show on the road.  They’ll be opening for Sloan on July 21 at Niagara Falls, NY’s  Hard Rock Café, before meeting up with Hollerado in Ottawa on August 5 (Byward Market).  Topanga will be headlining on August 24 at Toronto’s  Horseshoe Tavern (with Army Girls and Sandman Viper Command), then meeting up with the Hollerado boys again for gigs in Lennoxville, Quebec (Bishop’s University) on September 3; September 7 in Mississauga (Celebration Square); then back in my neck of the woods on the 8th for a show in St. Catharines at Brock University.

MP3: Topanga “Guilt Trip”
Facebook: Topanga
Twitter: Topanga



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