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DiSC of the WEEK: Various Artists, DOMINIONATED

by  |  June 30, 2014

dominionatedCome on, how could I not make the first ever compilation commissioned by Quick Before It Melts DiSC of the WEEK?

In many ways, it’s been my disc of the year, since the whole project started back in February, 2014. In the last few months, as the cover songs started arriving, the reality of what I’d undertaken set in.  My every waking hour feels like it’s been consumed with thoughts of cover art, track listings, press releases, distribution methods, and a host of other questions I hadn’t considered before I first sent out the invitation to participate.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here, assuming you know what I’m going on about.  DOMINIONATED is a compilation of contemporary Canadian artists covering classic Canadian songs of the 80s and 90s. Though I invited the artists to take part, the song choices were all theirs, and reflect their own personal experiences and tastes.  In many ways, once I invited people along, I relinquished control of how the compilation would take shape to the artists. I don;t think I could have put my project into better hands.

I lieu of writing a review or discussing the songs, I want to publicly thank and acknowledge some people who helped make this project possible.

To Shannon Reid, the amazing artist and illustrator who created DOMINIONATED‘s artwork, thank you for your willingness to take this project on, your enthusiasm and dedication to the project, and your creative spirit. All of you need to bookmark this woman’s website now: allisplural.ca.

Mr. Ken Beattie of Killbeat Music has been a friend of Quick Before It Melts right from the start, and I appreciate his gracious support in helping to publicize the project, as well as helping to engage some of our contributors.

One of those contributors, Michael Timmins, went beyond just merely donating a cover of his own, he helped produce three of the other songs as well.  As a fan of the Cowboy Junkies since the 80s, I was thrilled (and a bit scared) to hear that Michael would be a part of this project.

In my humble opinion, DOMINIONATED sounds incredible, and that’s due in large part to the mastering work of Billy Bruhmuller from Sudbury, ON. Thank you Clayton Drake of The Almighty Rhombus for helping to connect us.

Speaking of which, the biggest thanks of all to The Almighty Rhombus, Archery Guild, CANVAS, Expwy and Julia Pessoa, farragoes, Gdansk, KASHKA, Lee Harvey Osmond, Jerry Leger, [M.PG], Ivy MairiEamon McGrath, Meeko Cheech, Old English and MERIVAL, Penny Blacks, The Provincial Archive, No Aloha (formerly known as She’s), Some Minor Noise, Stonetrotter, Twin Library, timmins&BLOOD, and Venus Sans Fur for taking up the challenge of interpreting someone else’s work, and making it very much your own.

DOMINIONATED is less than 24 hours away from making its debut.  It is the perfect soundtrack for your Canada Day festivities.  Any time after midnight, Tuesday, July 1, 2014, go to quickbeforeitmelts.ca/dominionated to download all 22 songs in one zip. file.  You won’t have to submit your email address, you won’t have to pay for the download with any Likes or Tweets (though that would be nice), and you certainly don’t have to exchange any cash; DOMINIONATED is free to any good, music-loving home until November 24, 2014, exactly 147 days from its release; one day for each of Canada’s 147 years.

Happy Canada Day, happy listening, and thanks for being a friend of Quick Before It Melts these past eight years.


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