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COBRA & VULTURE Grasslands

by  |  February 4, 2013

Making a record cheaply, without expensive equipment or studio time, is part of reality for many musicians, I get that.  Constantly telling people that you used an old Radio Shack cassette tape recorder to track vocals in your fruit cellar comes off as sounding like an excuse for mediocrity and uninspired lyrics.There’s do-it-yourself and then there’s shoot-yourself-in-the-foot, and thankfully Cobra & Vulture know the difference, and do DIY differently than the rest.

The trio of Amber Goodwyn, Erin Ross and Jeremy MacCuish have finally released Grasslands, their debut under their current moniker (as Nightwood they released the great Carta Marina back in 2009), a loose concept album about standing on the edge of some great plains, imagining the vista too far for the naked eye to see.  Goodwyn, the band’s lyricist, splits her time between the band’s Montreal base and the Canadian prairies, and manages to meld the two geographies with introspective turns of phrases, and her band’s urban, organic sound.  They recorded the album in stops and starts on borrowed time, borrowed equipment, but never in a haphazard, sloppy way.  MacCuish, who also plays in Parlovr, provides the solid percussion foundation on which the songs spring forth.    Ross and Goodwyn harmonize with a razor sharp edge throughout these 11 songs, sometimes sounding like voices from a remembered dream, while at other times stinging like a slap in the face.

Grasslands was released on January 22 through Cobra & Vulture’s Bandcamp page, with a handmade physical edition coming in March of this year.


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