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by  |  February 23, 2016

Living HourWhile their Winnipeg, MB home may be the geographical center of the North American continent, Living Hour’s sound is anything but land-locked.

On their self-titled, full-length long player, the quintet formerly known as The Hour let guitar driven compositions like “This is the Place” and “Steady Glazed Eyes” unfurl like a tightly packed parachute and glide on heavenly harmonies and melodies through the sky, seamlessly woven together with shimmering wall of sound guitar work. Waves of reverb crash into slow-moving melodies of surf-rock inspired songs like “Seagull” and opener “Summer Song”. The sublime dream-pop goes on for miles, through previously released song “Miss Emerald Green” and the sprawling closer “Feel Shy”.

Living Hour is chock full of sticky psychedelia, the kind that gums up your synapses and makes your ears sweat. For a band from Winnipeg, Living Hour feel most comfortable surrounded by the humid haze of shoegaze style pop. Singer Sam Sarty’s evocative voice sits at the heart of the storm, offering a cool and refreshing counterbalance to the music.

Living Hour, Living Hour
Lefse Records, February 19, 2016

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