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WEEKEND ROUND-UP: April 27, 2013

by  |  April 27, 2013

The mark-up code for this post looks really, really ugly on the blog back-end, but I think you’ll agree the embedded videos look really, really great up front.  In fact, the new video for Young Galaxy’s “Pretty Boy” had me spellbound.  It’s so early to start talking about the next Prism Prize for music video of the year, but this one is definitely a contender in my books.



CBC Music: Young Galaxy
Facebook: Young Galaxy
Twitter: Young Galaxy




Bandcamp:Hooded Fang
CBC Music:Hooded Fang
Facebook:Hooded Fang
Twitter:Hooded Fang




CBC Music: The Wilderness of Manitoba
Facebook: The Wilderness of Manitoba
Twitter:  The Wilderness of Manitoba

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