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ViDEOS: Black Mountain & The Acorn

by  |  September 2, 2010

How can you not dig that sticky, sweet organ riff?  Black Mountain brought some heavy riffing to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, performing “Old Fangs” in anticipation of Wilderness Heart‘s release in a couple weeks.  Apparently, there’s review copies out there to be had be I haven’t had the pleasure of hearing the whole disc yet.  The more I hear this song, the more I love it.  I am in full anticipation mode for this record now.

Thanks to the Audio Perv for the clip.

Equally as trippy is the brand new stop-motion live action video for The Acorn‘s “Restoration”.  “Rolf Klausener told Spinner a bit about the process that went into creating it:  “We arrived on location at 4PM on a Saturday in July, and the crew had already been up for over 24 hours.  We ate and then hauled ass in the back of a flatbed to a small forest on the other side of a gigantic soy plantation. The whole process was shot in stop motion; so, we spent the next 20 hours, mostly sitting on a picnic table that was jerry-rigged to a rail cart, moving in two-inch increments.  The crew was tireless and totally focused.  The cyanide-based smoke machine they used took about six years off our lives. By 7AM, everyone was delirious, seeing apparitions in the foliage and speaking in tongues. We napped for 15 minutes and then drove seven hours back to Ottawa. None of it seemed real — neither the location, the crew, nor the lights that were emanating from deep in the woods.”

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