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The great escape

by  |  June 1, 2012

I’m just about done reading Linden McIntyre’s Cape Breton trilogy (The Long Stretch, The Bishop’s Man, and the recently released Why Men Lie) so Nova Scotia has been on my mind a fair bit, and memories of my trip to the province a number of years back has rekindled a desire to head back there very soon.  I figured the perfect soundtrack to these reminiscences would be the 7″ single series from New Scotland Records, which was capped off earlier this spring with the final two volumes, one from Joel Plaskett and Jeremy Fisher and the other from Mo Kenney.

Though the artists featured haven’t been exclusively from Nova Scotia, the series curator (and label found) Joel Plaskett is unavoidably tied to the area he calls home.  He’s peppered the collection with friends old and new, a handpicked collection of artists that have sparked his interest and desire for creative collaboration.  Despite being collected over a number of years and showcasing a variety of musical styles, it’s a captivating series in the way that each single compliments the others.  A number of the artists, like Yellow Jacket Avenger, are new to me, but enjoyed alongside recognized names like Peter Elkas, Ben Gunning and David Myles, these songs feel like familiar friends.

You can pick up all 12 singles in the series from New Scotland Records now, but as a starting point, I’d suggest investing in the series final release, “Eden” b/w “The Great Escape” from Mo Kenney.  Kenney wrote “Eden” when she was only 16 (she’s 21 now), an effortless song that spills over with youthful innocence and wide-eyed wonder.  It’s flip-side is a weightier affair, and offers another side of this young new artist we haven’t heard the last of.

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