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by  |  January 9, 2013

It was around this time last year when a young lady from Montreal was stirring all kind of interest and ink about a record she was about ready to drop, wasn’t it?  That was so 2012; Rachel Zeffira is the name we’re all going to be babbling about for 2013. 

Who is she?  Well, for starters, Zeffira is a composer and multi-instrumentalist, classically trained and of Canadian origin, who’s spent a fair bit of time in the UK and Europe recently.  She’s also one half of Cat’s Eyes, alongside Faris Badwan, of English indie darlings The Horrors.  The duo released a full length LP in April 2011 full of girl-group influenced neo-doo-wop that’s worth a listen if you’re unfamiliar with it.

Her solo debut album, The Deserters, was released in the UK last month, and immediately drew some incredible reviews for the way it coats classical elements in psychedelic washes of whimsy and colour.  I had the chance to hear the whole album a few days ago, and immediately fell in love with it (in particular, her cover of My Bloody Valentine’s “To Here Knows When”).  Paper Bag Records will be releasing The Deserters on March 12, and the first single, “Here On In”, is available now for download from iTunes.  Check out the Yuval Hen-directed video for it above.


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