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Lists are cool. Lists are fun. In the last 10 years, we’ve made a lot of lists, but never a ranked one. Until now.

With sincere thanks to Quick Before It Melts’ good friends Ryan Bresee, Jonathan Briggins, Louis Calabro, Mac Cameron, Tiana Feng, and Alex Hudson, we’ve endeavoured to compile a (totally subjective and up-for-debate) definitive list of the 100 albums that made the decade and have defined Quick Before It Melts. I think we did a pretty good job.

We’ll be counting down the QBIM ONE HUNDRED in a series of posts over the coming days. Today’s post features albums 60 through 41.

60 JENNIFER CASTLE Pink Cityjennifer castle pink city

Pink City beckons listeners to join Jennifer Castle on a barefooted journey through subdivisions of the sublime, decomposing districts, and cross bridges over chaotic chasms. The landmarks are familiar, but through the lens of Castle’s music, you’ll see this city n a whole new light. – Quick Before It Melts, September 29, 2014

59 SAID THE WHALE Hawaiisaidthewhalehawaii

When I first got involved in the local music scene in 2006/2007, Ben and Tyler of Said the Whale were the first peers I met who wrote what sounded like “real” songs. That really changed the way I thought about local music. This album came out years after that, but it’s their best. – Alex Hudson

58 LIFESTORY: MONOLOGUE Drag Your White Fur Make It Greytumblr_lsh2ruqqUe1qdw79to1_500

Lifestory: Monologue occupied a strange place in the Southern Ontario Hardcore scene in the mid-2000s; not quite hardcore, almost post-rock and consistently excellent. Drag Your White Fur Make It Grey is the band’s lone full length but it proves that Lifestory was one of the only bands in the scene that was able to mature gracefully out of it. This album is criminally underrated, proving that people are really scared of interesting and original rock music. Their loss. – Mac Cameron

57 RAE SPOON Superioryouareinferiora2952345152_10

Its roots are in folk and country, but there are inspired moments where computerized beats and sampling adds an unexpected–but very welcomed–twist. Rae Spoon’s lyrics are like a mini-geography lesson, traversing this country from sea to sea. Along the way, you not only visit physical landmarks and historic sites, but you get to see a soul laid bare, and a life not many of us could ever expect to experience. – Quick Before It Melts, September 8, 2008.

56 HUDDLE All These Firesa3278649318_10

55 THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS Brill Bruisershomepage_large.c0c1c6ba

The New Pornographers are perhaps my favourite band ever, but I had pretty much given up on them after a couple of so-so albums. Brill Bruisers is their return to form. – Alex Hudson

54 PROPAGHANDI Supporting Caste613MglSF-xL

I was a latecomer to Canada’s most enduring and outspoken punk band and although it may be blasphemous to longtime fans on the band I think more recent Propaghandi is far superior to the old stuff. Case and point, the all out thrash metal meets punk meets post hardcore masterpiece Supporting Caste. Through rage, humour, intellect and direct and brutal honesty. – Mac Cameron

53 THE BESNARD LAKES The Besnard Lakes are the Roaring Night918798fc

The Besnard Lakes are the Roaring Night is not doom and gloom, though: it’s loom and boom.  From the outset, “Like The Ocean, Like The Innocent Pt. 1: The Ocean” pulses and ripples out of the speakers like a thick fog, enveloping you in a soft cushion of sound designed to heighten the sonic impact of it’s sibling, “Like The Ocean, Like The Innocent Pt. 2: The Innocent” which seamlessly flows from its predecessor.  It’s like a slow motion slam dance; you’re trapped on all sides by its immense wall of sound, buffeted back in forth between its beats and rhythms in an ever increasing trance. – Quick Before It Melts, March 9, 2010.

52 ALVVAYS Alvvaysalvvays

In Molly Rankin, Alvvays have a most captivating, poker-faced front woman. When the tempo slows, and Rankin lets a little longing into her performance, you get delectable moments like “The Agency Group” revealing the breadth and depth of Alvvays’ songwriting chops. – Quick Before It Melts, July 22, 2014

51 DONOVAN WOODS Hard Settle, Ain’t TroubledDonovan Woods - HSAT

50 DRAKE If You’re Reading This It’s Too Latedrake_if_youre_reading

Nobody is better than Drake at making hedonism sound sad. “You told me she’s free Thursday and I’m sure that she’s an angel / But she don’t want this life / The timing ain’t right / Maybe one day, but even one day with us is the time of her life.” – Alex Hudson

49 JENNAH BARRY Young Mena3258549148_16

48 FOLLY & THE HUNTER Tragic Carefollyandthehunter_tragiccare_cover_1024x1024-copy

47 JAPANDROIDS Celebration Rockhomepage_large.6cc98599

For a band that had a breakout debut album, Celebration Rock is a best-case scenario for the followup. It takes the best bits of the debut and magnifies them. – Alex Hudson

46 SHAD Flying Coloursshad flying colours

45 DIRTY BEACHES Drifters/Love is the Devilhomepage_large.c873b11c

I had a big phase where I listened to almost entirely instrumental/soundscape music. I’m a big fan of music that you don’t have to fully pay attention to. Love Is the Devil is bleak, desolate and completely beautiful. – Alex Hudson.

44 KETCH HARBOUR WOLVES Dead Calm Horizondead-calm-horizon

43 APOLLO GHOSTS Mount Bensona3548922622_16

When Apollo Ghosts were active, they consistently put on the best live shows in Vancouver. All of their albums are great, but Mount Benson is the best mix of catchy, jangly punk and big-hearted sweetness. – Alex Hudson.

42 COEUR DE PIRATE BlondeBlonde_by_Cœur_de_pirate

In Blonde, we see an ever-maturing Beatrice Martin come out from behind the piano. This propelled her to a singer-songwriter with crossover popularity outside of Quebec. Often singing about heavy subjects, there’s a youthful light-heartedness with Blonde that makes us fall in love with the singer even when the listener may not know what she’s singing about. – Tiana Feng

41 MOONFACE with Siinai: Heartbreaking Braveryhomepage_large.84c9cba9

Krug’s narratives aren’t always easy to follow, but it’s his delivery that conveys the emotional truths at the core of what he’s singing.  He’s more than ably backed by Finnish band Siinai, who’ve created a murky, billowing sonic wall of sound to hang Krug’s woeful portraits on. – Quick Before It Melts, April 17, 2012

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