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Albums 2015

If you’re reading this, it’s time again for Quick Before It Melts’ annual celebration of our favourite Canadian albums of the last 12 months. As is tradition, there’s no rank or grade assigned to the list; these 10 albums, listed in alphabetical order, are the records that made us scream, cream, and dream the most in 2015.

Scroll through the selections below, stream and sample the music (where available), and as always, feel free to share your comments and gripes. More 2015 IN REVIEW posts are coming your way next week, including Quick Before It Melts’ annual downloadable 5-part collection of favourite Canadian songs of the year.


THE ACORN >> Vieux Loup

The Acron - Vieux Loup

Vieux Loup easily floats between arid, washed-out psychedelic rockers and lush green folk rock, existing comfortably in many worlds at once. By the time album closer “Artefacts” rolls in, Klausener is ready to give up the ghosts of the past and embrace where he is in the present. “I watch your love flood through the palace,” he sings (To a new love? To himself?), “Couldn’t help but watch you wash away the past.” Even though he’s spent the last 35 minutes dissecting and documenting errors and misfortunes of the past, he’s still at a loss to explain how he’s happened upon his current contentment. “I didn’t have the answers for what went right,” he sings at album’s close, acquiescing that really, life is more about the journey and less about the destination. – QBiM May 15, 2015


BENJAMIN >> The Bear and the Barn Owl

Benjamin - The Bear and the Barn Owl

The idea that we can consciously make decisions about love has been rolling around in my head since first hearing “I’m Going to Choose to Love You” from Benjamin’s debut album, The Bear and the Barn Owl. Choosing to love means putting in work, fingers crossed for a pay off that will make the effort worth the risk, but it also means that in your heart of hearts, you know that the potential end result, the relationship or experience love can bring, far outweighs any hazards you may encounter along the way.QBiM July 6, 2015


BOSVELD >> Veldbrand

Bosveld - Veldbrand

In Afrikaans, ‘bosveld’ signifies an area of expansive fields and rugged ground, the kind of musical landscape Bosveld the band traverse with ease. Veldbrand is that rarest of treasures, an unexpected joy to discover, and the kind of record you can’t imagine ever having to live without. May it never slip from memory.October 19, 2015


DESTROYER >> Poison Season

Destroyer - Poison Season

Poison Season is proof that art and science are deeply tied together, that one begets the other. (Previous album) Kaputt built the lab that allowed Destroyer to explore and execute new ideas that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. If his plan was to make people forget about his last record, he’s succeeded. In the end, whether or not Dan Bejar’s intentions matched his results is negligible; Poison Season matches and surpasses any kind of expectation placed on it by its predecessor.QBiM August 31, 2015


GRIMES >> Art Angels

Grimes Art Angels

Art Angels is the kind of singular artistic statement that has potential to redefine the very definition of what pop music is and could be. And it will. It may be harder to make a kind of wide-scale impact on the zeitgeist in 2015 than it would have been in 1995 (or even 2005), but Art Angels has come out of the gate swinging for the bleachers, and many of its best moments sail straight out over the stadium walls.QBiM November 16, 2015



Carly Rae Jepsen - Emotion

Anthemic opener “Run Away With Me” sets the tone and pulse of EM•O•TION right out of the gate; Carly Rae Jepsen is calling the shots and we’re welcome to jump on board or stay put, but she’s going out into the wilds of the night whether we’re tagging along or not… Jepsen sings like she’s on tenterhooks, living on the edge of love, bravely making her way into the dark corners of the night, looking to drink in all the magic she can before the taps get turned off and the lights go out. “I want what I want / Do you think that I want too much?” she innocently asks on that earworm “Gimme Love,” as if the answer isn’t at all obvious: Who really wants to stop wanting what they want? – QBiM August 17, 2015



Peaches - Rub

Rub’s intensity is unabating, full of Peaches’s trademark hyperactive activism. She doesn’t push boundaries, she obliterates them. She is a soldier who’s stayed steadfast to her mission: jolting the complacent into giving their heads, asses, hips and hearts a shake, pointing out just how fucked up our thinking about sex, gender, feminism and politics continues to be. She does so with a wickedly wry sense of humour, a righteous disregard for timidity, and a fearless and envious sense of self.QBiM September 28, 2015


DANIEL ROMANO >> If I’ve Only One Time Askin’

Daniel Romano - If I've Only One Time Askin'

Romano’s latest collection of heartbreaking country practically bleeds out of your speakers. Wounds are raw, the sentiments of his characters human and real; but this time out, melodrama and weepy sentimentality are kept very much in check. The 10 Romano-penned songs on If I’ve Only One Time Askin’… amount to some of his finest songwriting yet, and for my money, the most uniform collection of songs he’s released.QBiM July 27, 2015


BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE >> Power in the Blood


With the vigor and gusto of someone half her age, Sainte-Marie rallies a new generation on Power In The Blood’s closing song, “Carry It On” to keep the legacy she has established alive: “Look right now / and you will see / we are only here by the skin of our teeth / as it is, so take heart / and take care of your link with life / and carry it on.” Buffy Sainte-Marie. Remember that name? You’re going to hear a great deal about this remarkable lady for years to come. QBiM May 11, 2015


SUUNS & JERUSALEM IN MY HEART >> Suuns & Jerusalem in My Heart

Suuns & Jerusalem in My Heart - Suuns & Jerusalem in My Heart

It’s fascinating to note that all this music was the result of just one week’s work of recording. For some, that would be barely enough time to lay down some preliminary sketches and ideas, but for Suuns and Jerusalem in My Heart’s Radwan Ghazi Moumneh, it wasn’t how much time they had to work under, it was what they were able to do in those days. Suuns & Jerusalem in My Heart isn’t a polished, finished product, but it’s nowhere near the scrapbook collage of ideas that its origin story may suggest.QBiM June 8, 2015

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