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2016 New Music Preview

by  |  January 7, 2016


2016 is barely a twinkle, but the year in Canadian music is already looking bright. We’re stilling waiting for Views From the 6 to drop, and for news about a Reflektor follow-up, but we’re just as eager to hear new music from the following eight artists as well.

Absolutely Free

Their space-age art rock debut album sat high atop our Favourite Records of 2014 list, so after a relatively quiet 2015, chances are good a follow-up from Absolutely Free will fall into our musical orbit in the coming months.


Alex Bent + the Emptiness

Quick Before It Melts is proud to be a patron of all the artists who’ve contributed to our DOMINIONATED compilations, and like any good parent, knows it wouldn’t be fair to single out any one child as a favourite.  That said, Alex Bent + the Emptiness’s cover of Loverboy’s “In Your Eyes” was the kind of performance that makes people sit up and take note, and has us eager to hear what’s next from the enigmatic Saskatoon SK singer.


The Darcys

On December 16, 2014, Darcys founding member Wes Marskell wrote a piece for the Huffington Post about the departure of members Dave Hurlow and Mike le Riche that left him and fellow founder Jason Couse carrying on The Darcys as a duo. Their social media feed over the last 12 months indicate Couse and Marskell have been working on new material and redefining the Darcys sound, potentially surprising fans with new music in the coming months, their first new music since releasing “Hymn For A Missing Girl”, a 20 minute instrumental.


The Dirty Nil

No surprises here: Higher Power, The Dirty Nil’s debut full length, is set for a February 26 release on Dine Alone Records, and already making a number of most anticipated 2016 release lists. Never ones to shy away from bluster and braggadocio, the band describes Higher Power as “a dynamic and unified set of songs,” and declaring “Here we are, raggedly in the red. Higher Power than your band.”


Holy Fuck

Late last month, a teaser video appeared on Holy Fuck’s Twitter and Instagram feeds suggesting the five year wait for new music will be over in 2016.



Shameless plug: Quick Before It Melts and our good friends at IndoorShoes Music are co-presenting Operators on February 20 at Detour Music Hall, St. Catharines ON, and expecting a set full of songs from their first full length.


Putting the finish touch on LP one!

A photo posted by OPERATORS (@operatorstheband) on


Tegan and Sara

The sisters Quin closed out the fall 2014 leg of the Let’s Make Things Physical Tour in support of Heartthrob with a show at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles  promising they’ll see their fans again in 2016. We can’t get any closer to that now, can we?



With a series of singles, an EP and a One Direction cover in their canon, expectation and anticipation is high for the first full length release from Buzz Records signees, Weaves. 



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