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2014 New Music Preview

by  |  January 3, 2014


2013 is barely cold in its grave, but my sights are already set on the next 12 months and the anticipation of good music to come, and kicking off a new weekly Cover Story feature on Quick Before It Melts.  On Fridays for the foreseeable future, I’ll forgo with the typical posts and endeavour to give you something special, something longer in form and wider in scope.

So to start things off, I looked ahead to the handy release schedule I’ve been keeping to see what is coming down the pipes in 2014 that you should already have a heads up about.  I also sent out a few well-placed queries to see if I could get the scoop on some potential best of 2014 list makers.

The Acorn Unnamed Album (TBA)
2014 is shaping up to be a busy year for Rolf Klausener, and he’s not wasting a second.  This past week, at a New Year’s Eve launch party in Ottawa, Klausener, fellow Acorn Pat Johnson, Adam Saikaley finally unveiled Silkken Laumann‘s first LP, a free download that you can (and should) grab here.  Not content with just one project and one release this year, Klausener and The Acorn will be returning with the first new music from one of Ottawa’s finest since 2010’s No Ghost.  You can get yourself up to speed on the story of The Acorn over at Klausener’s SoundCloud site, where he recently uploaded the whole of The Acorn’s catalogue (streams and downloads).


Etiquette Unnamed Album (TBA, Hand Drawn Dracula)
Since the last Holy Fuck LP came out, Graham Walsh has been doing a fair amount of production work for the likes of Hannah Georgas, but my guess is that he’s most proud of the beautiful baby girl he and partner Julie Fader produced a few years ago.  2014 will see a new collaboration between the two, this time a musical one under the name Etiquette.  Fader says that she and Walsh are happy with the record and excited to share it with the world, with a single arriving ahead of the full LP sometime in the Spring.


The Dirty Nil Smite EP (late January/early February, 2014, independent)
Hamilton, ON’s best kept secret is set to go nuclear in 2014, and things kick off early for The Dirty Nil with the independent release of Smite.  If early single “Nicotine” is anything to go by, expect this EP to be out with guns blazing, knobs cranked to 11, and  a fun factor of 500.  Their live shows have earned them the respect of fans and fellow musicians alike, as PUP recently declared them breakout artists of 2014.  I totally agree.


Death From Above 1979 TBA (TBA) Details are few and far between, but what I do know is that Sebastien Grainger and Jesse Keeler have been working on new Death From Above 1979, material that was road-tested at gigs in 2012 that have been undergoing an evolution since.  As of press time, there’s been no indication that the record will be ready anytime this year, but in conversation with Exclaim earlier this year, Grainnger says that he also plans on releasing music with Josh Reichmann as Deserts (formerly known as Bad Tits) in 2014, but not before the new DFA1979 album drops.


The Mountains and The Trees TBA (2014)
“I can say I will be releasing new music in 2014,” says Jon Janes, aka The Mountain and The Trees, “but I’m still unsure how I will be releasing it, whether it’ll be a series of singles, an EP, or several…”  At this point, I’m willing to take anything Janes has to offer, as it’s going on five years since he first won our hearts with the Hop, Skip, and a Jump EP that featured the CBC Radio 3 hit “Up & Down”, and  four years since his debut LP, I Made This For You.  Last year, Janes worked with Halifax-based Analog Songs, to capture Janes performing new songs and old as part of a limited edition PledgeMusic release called The Analog Song Sessions, whetting our appetite enough for more in 2014.


Giant Hand TBA (2014)
As with The Mountains and The Trees,  we’ve been waiting some time for the return of Giant Hand (aka Kirk Ramsay) from a prolonged absence on these pages.  In 2009 and 2010, Giant Hand’s LP Coming Home and follow-up EP, Starting As People was at the top of QBiM’s list of must-hear music, so it was much to my pleasant surprise when a new Giant Hand track appeared on this year’s Ho! Ho! Ho! Canada compilation from The Line Of Best Fit.  “Right now I am in the not sure when or how category,” says Ramsay of the music he’s been working on. “All I know is i have a full length ready to be composed and recorded and I just have to figure out when I can actually do that and with who.”  That’s music to my ears.


Kalle Mattson Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold (February 11, 2014, Parliament of Trees)
It’s been a privilege having a front seat for Kalle Matton’s musical evolution.  Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold sees the Sault Ste. Marie native emerge as the singer/songwriter he’s been destined to become, and clears up any confusion that lingered about whether Kalle Mattson is a band or a solo performer.  Mattson will be the first to tell you he couldn’t do it alone, but he now clearly takes the lead on this very personal and poignant record.


PS I Love You Unnamed Album (TBA)
One of my favourite people on Twitter is Paul Saulnier @PSILoveYouBand, and over the holidays, he’s given followers a sneak peak at what’s in store for PS I Love You’s third LP.  Details are super thin right now, but judging by the tweets and Vines he’s sharing, he and Benjamin Nelson are preparing to take fans to guitar heaven and back again.  Again.

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