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Leave the main road

February 12, 2013  |  Published in LiSTEN

Canadian music lovers of a certain vintage will remember being completely enthralled by the voice of Michelle McAdorey of the band Crash Vegas, formed in the Toronto music scene of the late 80s under the tutelage and guidance of Blue Rodeo’s Greg Keelor.  Crash Vegas’ debut album, Red Earth, was a classic right from the get-go, and its absence in my music collection (my only cassette copy long since lost to an unscrupulous university roommate) has been a gaping hole I’ve tried to fill a number of times.

I thought McAdorey had all but given up on the music business after Crash Vegas disbanded in 1996, so it was more than a pleasant surprise when I stumbled upon new material from her.  Leave the Main Road / Line Across My Heart is a new 7″ single released last week that reintroduces the world to one of Canada’s  greatest musical treasures.  The 7″ single is available now from Seventh Fire Records.



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