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EXCLUSiVE: This Sound Will Save You • “Keep My Eyes Shut”

February 13, 2013  |  Published in EXCLUSiVE  |  2 Comments

I am a musical glutton, especially when it comes to ecstatic, impassioned pop performances like “Keep My Eyes Shut” from Halifax’s This Sound Will Save You.  I could gorge myself on this synth-and-loops based confection all night long.  Its a buzzy, all-out electronic assault that brings with it the spontaneity of a live band. Vocalist/keyboardist/songwriter Chloe Jones and  producer/multi-instrumentalist Matthew Fudge (who are joined live by drummer Nico Orengo) met when she was making a solo EP and he was working in the studio.  The pair immediately connected over their shared love of vocal driven pop, and started working together in 2011, unsure of the path they were on musically, but excited to see where it would lead them.

Firmly believing in the ethos that inspired their name, This Sound Will Save You aspire to make music an experience, from the live stage to the recorded product.  They’ve been praised for their energetic live shows, and will soon unveil the work they’ve been doing in the studio, when their debut album, Let the Night Lead You is released on May 14th by Popguru.


CBC Music: This Sound Will Save You
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  1. Brenda says:

    Your music is awesome and am looking forward to the release of your CD to get a copy

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