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Songs: 2012 Part 4

December 20, 2012  |  Published in LiSTEN  |  1 Comment

And on the fourth day… I still bring you even more of the songs that rocked my world in 2012.  Are they’re all good.  Here’s the skinny: I’m giving you the 75 songs, split into five collections of 15 songs each, that soundtracked the year for me.  There will be a post a day this week from Monday to Friday (You can click back to Monday’s post to get the first part, Tuesday’s post for part 2, and Wednesday’s post part 3) , and you can collection them all to get a pretty awesome compilation that I think is a good summation of the last 12 months.  To download a .zip file with today’s set of music, click the Part 4 Link below.  Enjoy!


Modern Superstitions “Bad Habit” • Bronx Cheerleader “Low Man” • Baby Eagle and the Proud Mothers “Brave Women” • Rae Spoon “Ocean Blue” • Aidan Knight “A Mirror” • Luke Lalonde “Undone” • Kalle Mattson “Water Falls” • Ketamines “Kill Me Now” • Monomyth “Sacred Hand” • The Holiday Crowd “While She Waits” • The Luyas “Fifty Fifty” • METZ “Headache” • Topanga “Oceans” • Jule Doiron “By the Lake”  Cowboy Junkies “Fuck, I Hate the Cold”

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One Comment

  1. Justin says:

    Are these no longer available? I loved 2011’s list and I was hoping to get another fix…


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