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Amen America

December 6, 2012  |  Published in NEW MUSiC

Three years between Justin Rutledge albums is far too long.  I’m happy that the drought is soon to end with the impending release of Vallyheart in February on Outside Music.

The new disc was recorded in Toronto with Rutledge’s backing band, and featuring Bazil Donovan of Blue Rodeo on bass. Rutledge has spent a lot of time in California lately and says that, “Travel is a major theme on Valleyheart… It is perhaps my most ‘Canadian’ album to date, even though it is heavily influenced by California.”

“Amen America”, Justin’s love letter to the US, is “a song about a father and his daughter seeking refuge in memory as he searches for decent work and the hope for a new beginning as they travel the great country’s highways.”  He recently posted the track up on YouTube as a teaser for the full album:


CBC Music: Justin Rutledge
Facebook: Justin Rutledge
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