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December 13, 2012  |  Published in LiSTEN

(Valentin Mittelstet)

I have to be honest here, the first time I heard Winnipeg’s Boats, I wasn’t exactly impressed, but the more I hear “Great Skulls”, the first cut off their soon-to-be-released third LP, A Fairway Full Of Miners, I’m coming around to their quirky, improbably hook-filled pop.  I’m a sucker for a supercool horn fill, and the trashy “junk-store” pop of this track is a much needed antidote to the sterile, poo-poo pop I’ve been hearing lately.  Trashy as it may sound, there’s a sliver of sophistication underlying “Great Skulls” that reveals itself if you stick the song out until the end.

A Fairway Full Of Miners is set to drop on February 5, 2013 on Kill Rock Stars.  A three-song cassette tape will be released sometime this month ahead of the full disc.

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