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Adult crimes

December 7, 2012  |  Published in iNTRODUCiNG

I guess it’s not too hard to tell which wtchs WTCHS are named after, as there’s really only a couple vowels that can flesh out their name properly, but I like the idea that it’s not overly clear which wtchs they’re trying to conjure.  Probably more boil. boil. toil and trouble than tick tick tick.

I also like the idea that this cassette-only release has had it’s tape hiss “momentarily relinquished” in order to allow the interweb to experience Wet Weapons as well.  The EP is available to hear from the Hamilton-based band’s Bandcamp page now.  It’s a howler of a disc, defiantly analogue in a world dominated by digitalism, and well worth a listen.

“Adult Crimes” is available as a free download now, as well.  WTCHS is hinting at more new music coming in the next month, so I’ll definitely keepwtchng for more news from the band to share soon.


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Twitter: WTCHS


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