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PREMiERE: Digits “Don’t Look Back”

November 28, 2012  |  Published in EXCLUSiVE

As mentioned in an earlier post,  Digits has been working on a new project: a serialized story called In the City of the Dead, being written and recorded as ongoing installments across various blogs and websites.  The story revolves around J., a journalist who finds himself locked in a quarantined city where the living dead are taking over.

Quick Before It Melts is pleased to be presenting the latest In the City of the Dead chapter/track:

Chapter 10: Don’t Look Back

The boy would probably be blind for life. And in the City of the Dead, that was a death sentence. J watches in horror as the three Mona Lisas continue to kick the kid as he lies, clutching his bleeding eyes. He had been caught stealing from one the gang storehouses, true, but this was particularly cruel punishment, worse than death. These new recruits were sadistic. And J helped to enlist them.

He manages to keep his cool, but the minute J is alone he collapses and weeps. The horrors he has witnessed, the violence he has been complicit in…he has been unable to sleep at night, haunted by the faces of the victims. But the blinding of the child is what finally breaks him. In his madness he begins hatching a scheme to assassinate the leader of the Mona Lisas, thinking that in doing so he can save the city, and redeem himself for his collaboration. He doesn’t think through the consequences. He delusionally imagines himself becoming the new leader and using the gang’s resources to govern the city peacefully. His hands shaking, he cleans and loads his gun.

There’s no looking back, he thinks to himself. He leaves to play one final time at the Underground.


To hear the previous nine chapters of this ongoing synth-pop saga, head over to the official table of contents for In the City of the Dead and click through to the other site’s hosting chapters.

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