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In the city of the dead

November 14, 2012  |  Published in NEW MUSiC

If I’ve learned anything positive about zombies from watching too much TV, it’s that zombies aren’t as scary when you see them walking abandoned streets during the day as they are at night.  Mind you, they’ll still tear open your skull and eat your entrails with their bare hands if they caught you, but in the blinking light of day, and dragging their twisted and useless left leg behind them.  There’s plenty of time to formulate your escape.

Escape might be the last thing you’ll be contemplating when listening to In The City of the Dead, the new serialized story being written and recorded by Digits as ongoing installments across various blogs and websites.  It’s a marked change in direction from Digits’ last single (and so far QBiM’s favourite song of 2012) “Where Do You Belong?”, but one that surprisingly suits Alt Altman well.  His stark electronic soundscapes are perfectly matched for the story of J., a journalist who finds himself locked in a quarantined city where the living dead are taking over.  One of my favourite moments so far comes on “Street Violence” (premiered here) when the sound of a horn could easily double as the wail of a police siren.

You can check out the chapters released in the In The City of the Dead saga so far over at Digits’ SoundCloud collection, and stay tuned, as Quick Before It Melts hopes to be premiering an upcoming chapter in the days and weeks to come.


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