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A cup of kindness yet

November 30, 2012  |  Published in LiSTEN

(Vanessa Heins)

Tomorrow is December 1. For some people, that’s the day they cut loose their Christmas spirit from the shackles that have held it at bay for the last 11 months.  For me, it’s the day I toss out November’s contact lenses and pop in a fresh pair.  Then I do my laundry.

Okay, I’m that that big of a Scrooge, so perhaps, if there’s a brisk north wind in the air, and my breath frosts the window pane just so when I look out at a light dusting of snow on the lawn, then maybe–MAYBE!–I’ll allow myself the pleasure of playing “Carry Me Home”, the lead track from A Cup of Kindness Yet, the new holiday themed EP from Hey Rosetta!

Written one sunny morning during an Australian tour, which is probably the farthest one can get from Christmas in time and place on the planet,”Carry Me Home” is also far from the schlock and sappy sentiment of your typical contemporary holiday fare.  The EP also features their heavy handed take on “O Come O Come Emmanuel”, new song “The First Snow”, and “New Year Song”, which has been a staple of Hey Rosetta!’s live set for some time.

A Cup of Kindness Yet is available now from the band’s site.


Hey Rosetta! – Carry Me Home by Sonic Entertainment Group

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