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November 6, 2012  |  Published in QBiM SPiNS  |  1 Comment

Imagine a photo album, handsome and leather-bound, well-worn corners smelling of adhesive and nostalgia.  The pictures inside, arranged and re-arranged a number of times are all of a trip, a long journey that’s taken some time to complete, and maybe hasn’t even finished yet.

Now imagine if each page sang a song to you as you gazed at it’s collage of photos, and you’ll get a sense of what listening to Julie Doiron‘s So Many Days is like.  Her third album to be produced by former Eric’s Trip bandmate Rick White, So Many Days is a beautifully constructed travelogue that maps out Doiron’s moves from and to Montreal, Sackville, and Toronto over the last three years, interspersed with touring duties for her last record and her collaboration in Daniel, Fred & Julie.  At turns confessional (“Where Are You?”), at others contemplative (“Another Second Chance”), So Many Days is the most personal of Doiron’s albums, and by far the strongest of the Rick White-produced trilogy.  Lyrically, Doiron seems to be narrating experiences both pivotal and trivial in the moment, but always candidly.  In this way, she draws you in, makes you feel at home within the song, gives you a role to play in its playing.  Speaking of which, So Many Days sparkles with Doiron’s guitar, some plain style finger plunking and the occasional flash of fret work noise-making seamlessly rolling together.  Like Doiron herself, it’s not flashy or overly showy, but when you make an effort to take note of what’s actually happening, you’ll be mighty impressed.

There’s still blank pages left at the back of this photo album, room for more images and stories yet to be told.  Whether it’s further tales from the road, or something more grounded and domestic remains to be seen.  Either way, if Julie Doiron wants to put together an album (musical, photo or otherwise) of stories, I’ll be happy to indulge her in it anytime.

So Many Days was released October 23, 2012, on Aporia Records.


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