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July 18, 2012  |  Published in Uncategorized

Now this, this is good.  I’m speaking of “Enemies”, the first single off Hannah Georgas‘ self-titled sophomore album, set for release on Dine Alone Records on October 2.  The album was produced and recorded by Holy Fuck’s Graham Walsh and mixed by Howie Beck, and is set to features more of Walsh’s signature electronic atmospherics, providing a much different setting for Georgas’ distinctive voice than here debut.  If “Enemies” is anything to go by, this new record is going to raise the bar even higher for Georgas, and is going to put her front and center as one of Canada’s leading female vocalists.  You can head over to Georgas’ website and download a free copy of “Enemies” here.


MP3: Hannah Georgas “Enemies”
Facebook: Hannah Georgas
Twitter: Hannah Georgas


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