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April 19, 2012  |  Published in LiSTEN

Lately, life seems to moving a double speed, people, places, and events moving faster than the mind can process.  With barely enough time to focus your eyes on what you’re seeing the images change, the sounds shift, and what was once recognizable becomes a confused blur.  It’s enough to make a person long for a time that wasn’t so plugged in and a place that’s disconnected from the information grid.  Running away from the world isn’t the most practical solution, but thankfully there’s artists like Jenny Berkel that can offer us some respite from the storms of our lives.

Berkel has amassed a collection of songs over her time wandering around the country, and after having settled in Winnipeg she’s put them together on her debut LP, Here On A Wire.  This “haunt folk” record, as she’s deemed it,  is set for a digital release on May 1, and based on “Love Is a Stone”, it appears to be the perfect soundtrack for a soul in need of space; space to breath, to think, to decompress.  I love the song’s deep, brooding sound, and how it feels unencumbered by trivialities, content to just be itself, much the same way I imagine Berkel’s mood was when she wrote and recorded the song.

Jenny Berkel “Love is a Stone”

Facebook: Jenny Berkel


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