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January 5, 2012  |  Published in Uncategorized

(Caroline Desilets)

The last Plants and Animals album, La La Land, left me lukewarm, save for a couple of decent tunes heard early on before the album’s official release.  I had high hopes for that record, as I really loved their debut, Parc Avenue, and while La La Land wasn’t a flop by anyone’s standards, it didn’t connect with me personally as it did with others.

So here were are again, with a new Plants and Animals album on the horizon (The End of That, due February 28 from Secret City Records), and another impressive first offering in the form of “Lightshow”, and I can’t help but wonder if I’m in for a repeat of the last time.  I hope not.  The more I listen to “Lightshow” the more I am seduced by its anthemic nature, its joie de vivre, its apparent determination to convince me that I need to give its parent record a fighting chance.

I’ll take the bait.  At the very least, I have myself the first song of 2012 that I will most definitely be including on the to-be-annual year end compilation that I’ll be posting in December (the 2011 compilation is still available here), but there’s also the chance that The End of That may well be the record I’ve been hoping Plants and Animals would make.

Plants and Animals – Lightshow

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