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January 16, 2012  |  Published in NEW MUSiC

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I remember it vividly.  As a young music fan, always eager and hungry to get my hands on the next great single or record from my favourite artists, when I realized that in the early days of rock ‘n roll, record releases happened at a much quicker pace.   It was a revelation that Beatles fans were waiting months and  sometimes weeks, for new music, and not years.  Sadly for me, I missed out on that kind of frenzied excitement with my beloved Smiths, who during their 4 year run were able to sustain a steady stream of releases, all because I discovered them too close to the end of their existence.

There’s been a lot of artists who’ve used the digital age to reduce the gap between studio and the public, the latest being  Joel Plaskett and his band The Emergency.  To follow-up his Polaris shortlisted triple album, Three, Plaskett and his band will record and digitally release a song a week for 10 weeks starting on January 10, leading up to the eventual release and completion of their new LP, Scrappy Happiness.

Ever one of their favourite sons, CBC Radio will premiere each of Plaskett’s new songs as it is released on Radio 2’s Drive with Rich Terfry at 5:15 PM every Tuesday, and on The Craig Norris Hour on CBCRadio 3 every Wednesday between 8 and 10 AM EST.  You’ll be able to buy each track every Tuesday over at iTunes as it is finished.  How’s that for speedy delivery?

The Joel Plaskett Emergency will be heading out on tour once their work in the studio is all done (See here for a list of announced dates) with a stop in our neck of the woods on April 24 at the Brock Centre for the Arts.

Here’s the first track from Scrappy Happiness, released last week.  we’ll be looking forward to next next installment making an appearance tomorrow.

Joel Plaskett Emergency “You’re Mine”

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